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What is Ignite

About Ignite#

  • Ignite is a low-code integration solution
  • Platform that connecting systems together
  • Creating versatile data pipelines
  • APIs, ETL management tool
  • Workflow automation system
  • Integration tool which allow to write custom code for the integration
  • Ignite is built on Heroku's infrastructure allowing it to scale up and down with security in mind, while extending Heroku’s core capabilities.
  • Ignite is designed for rapid development of OData endpoints over your existing infrastructure. This allows you to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce with minimal effort.
  • Ignite has been specifically designed to target integration requirements for Salesforce that usually need customization

Who Needs Ignite?#

  • Fragmented Enterprise
  • Line of Business Development & Operations
  • System Administrators, Developers, R&D Teams, who need a low-code solution
  • Companies focused on customer experience, engagement, retention, marketing

What Does Ignite Solve?#

  • Multiple "sources of truth"
  • Silo data and departments
  • Time of market issues
  • Dependence on custom development
  • Simplify integration management
  • Close the delivery gap between IT and Business