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JSONata Explorer

What is JSONata#

  • Open-source lanuage for querying and transforming JSON
  • A way to extract specific meaningful data using a relatively simple logic
  • Sophisticated query expressions with minimal syntax
  • A way to format query results into any JSON output structure
  • Inspired by the location path semantics of XPath 3.1
  • Creates user-defined functions
  • Imposes no limit on the complexity of your data transformation task
  • Any valid JSON data is also a valid JSONata expression.

Imagine you have an order with several items and you need to calculate an average price or a total price, or you have only the maximum amount and you need to get the minimum amount as a result of your integration.

With JSONata, such data transformations can be completed in a matter of several minutes and you will be able to watch in real-time how your data transforms according to your conditions

What is JSONata Explorer#

It is an Open-editor to explore your JSON. It has 3 sections as shown in the below image:

  • Section-1: You can provide any JSON (simple/complex)
  • Section-2: You can provide the JSONata query to fetch the customized JSON result.
  • Section-3: You will get the customized result value.


Redirect to Explorer From Editor#

You can redirect to Ignite JSONata from the editor


How to Use the Explorer#

  • Step-1: Open JSONata Explorer
  • Step-2: Copy below JSON and paste into Section-1 inside JSONata Explorer
{  "FirstName": "John",  "Surname": "Russell",  "Age": 28,  "Address":    {        "Street": "Hursley Park",        "City": "Winchester",        "Postcode": "SO21 2JN"    }}
  • Step-3: Now add FirstName in the Section-2 inside JSONata Explorer
  • Step-4: You will get the result "John" in the Section-3 inside JSONata Explorer




Here are some example expressions and their results when applied to the JSON document:

  • Basic Query


  • String Function


  • Numeric Function


  • String Expressions


  • Numeric Expressions


Additional Resources#

For more information about JSONata details, please visit here